Total control over your cash? It’s possible!

The costs and risks related to cash handling in retail are familiar to all. From time to time money is in plain sight and this introduces a substantial risk for the safety of personnel and customers. Furthermore, till-money is counted, sorted, and managed by the cashier which can easily create discrepancies in cash balance as a result of human error or theft. The Cashmanager solution developed by Coinmasters is a system that unmistakably reduces costs and successfully reduces the above mentioned risks.

General Specifications

Within the Cashmanager solution till-money is completely processed automatically and the money is fully concealed, and thus protected, at all times. The content of your till is always exact and available; locally and remotely. Moreover, the acceptance of counterfeit money belongs to the past because money is verified with state of the art verification hardware and techniques.

The Cashmanager solution guarantees a smooth and considerable reduction of cash flow administration and management. All payments are registered and every single accepted and dispensed currency element is registered and reported in a clear way and can be recollected at any desired moment in time.



Front Office Solution

Counting and sorting of till-cash and preparing a till for a checkout are time-consuming processes, and the time cost of these processes is directly multiplied by the number of checkouts. Coinmasters developed a high-level software front office application that simply diminishes these processes by utilizing fast and secure cash-handling devices. Checkout operators are continuously informed about the status and content of these cash handling devices to reduce the time lost on counting.

Cash Recycling

Coinmasters incorporates smart elements in the Cashmanager solution that ensure an extended operation time of the complete system. Banknotes as well as coins are processed by sophisticated recycling techniques. Every note or coin that is inserted in the system is immediately available for dispensing to the next customer. With this cash recycling, refilling activities during opening hours are significantly reduced or eliminated completely. Therefore, our Cashmanager solution enhances the user-friendliness for both customers and personnel.

Secure filling and emptying

Replenishing cash content when needed and extracting excess cash content accumulated during the day is performed fast and automatically. Moreover, this is performed in a secure way due to the fact that the devices do not need to be opened during opening hours. The excess cash is moved from recycling storage to high capacity, secure, and lockable container which can be removed when the store is closed.

Intelligent Control

The software behind the Cashmanager assures a balanced dispensing of cash. Based on the currently available cash content the system decides which denominations are best suited to be dispensed to the current customer. This ensures the solution remains operational as long as possible without the need to refill the cash content.



The Cashmanager solution can be connected to any Point of Sale (POS) system. This gives you the possibility to integrate the Cash Manager with your current checkout hardware. The incorporated devices are relatively small, which allows a physical integration into your own familiar checkout with relative ease.

You can decide who will introduce cash to the devices; the customer or your personnel. The Cash Manager is a flexible system because we support different cash-handling devices in order to provide you with a solution best suited for your situation and needs.

Back Office Software

An advanced Back Office Module makes it possible to monitor the status of several Cashmanagers in your store simultaneously. Review live if your current configuration needs to be tuned or if some devices need to be serviced or will need to be services in the near future.

The back office module utilizes a database were all cash transactions are preserved. This database shows you the historic and current cash flow, logged in personnel, details on device filling and emptying procedures, dispensed and dispensable cash, and much more. All this collected data can be used to generate detailed cash flow reports. This software ensures a full-proof cash management!